narrative feminism


The women around me hurt

The women within me ache.

Ache for justice,

Ache for answers that have no period

No desire to end, nothing to be withheld from.

Honesty is the goal not yet met.

Would you run if I were a man,

Or stay because I’m a woman?

You oppress out of fear.

There is no fear to return to you.

We are not shallow, insipid beings

But feelers




That notion scares you.

Run to the hills, boy.

Make haste as those before you,

Choosing to live narrowly



There are many worlds and wonders women create [and destroy]

And you will never feel

Never express

Any desire

To explore

To strive yourself to a better connection

A better sex

Because you hide behind the sex you have chosen,

Witless and closed.

Fear not your darkness, for you have chosen it.

Don’t shed your shadow upon the light of those living,

within and beyond the intimacy of knowledge.

— Ashleigh Evans

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